Advanced Acting 1-3


We work on techniques and methodology associated with the craft of acting: Meisner, Suzuki, Stanislavsky, Chekhov, etc. Often, we will focus on one technique that is best suited for whatever show/scene we are rehearsing. 

Fundamentals of Drama


An introduction to basic theatre terms and disciplines. Students will engage in all aspects of drama: writing, acting, directing, & backstage tech.  At the end of each semester, as part of the final grade, each class will produce a one-act production to be performed before an audience. This class is a prerequisite for the Advanced Acting I - III, Musical Theatre, and Film classes. 

Musical Theatre


The rehearsal process for the spring musical takes place during this class period. Students who want to participate must audition or fill out a tech application. Students who have not taken Fundamentals of Drama must also submit two letters of recommendation -- one must be from a former director. 

Technical Theatre


When this class is offered, it meets at the same time as musical theatre and provides the tech crew for the production.  The areas of tech explored are are sets, props, costumes, make-up, lights, and sound. You must fill out an application and have previously had Fundamentals of Drama.

Film Class


In this class we produce short films. While the focus is acting, students also dabble in other aspects of production such as cinematography, directing, location scouting, editing, and other skills associated with film making. We also experiment with different genres. At the end of the semester, we have a film festival that show cases the top student written and directed films.